Pain From The Pines

by Guttersnipe

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courtney sams
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courtney sams Guttersnipe is typical northeastern hardcore drenched with delicious dystopia. If your local hardcore scene is dying, take heart- soon the rest of the earth will be too. Favorite track: Insufferable.
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released October 7, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Barow @ Barowtone Studios in Philadelphia
Mastered @ Azimuth Mastering
Artwork by Dominic Pabon



all rights reserved


Guttersnipe Tabernacle, New Jersey

New Jersey Hardcore. Pain from the Pines.

Mac - Drums
Boat - Guitar
Zack - Guitar
Gel - Bass
Ron - Vocals

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Track Name: Boiling
The bloods boiling. My head is splitting. Face to face you started spitting. The things you did; nothing but unjust. But now I'll show you even men of steel rust. Stupid motherfucker with your head in your hands. No one to save you. What can't you understand? Fucked up your life. Filled it with deceit. What else to expect from a fucking thief. After you gave up all you had. Living for a pipe dream you can't have. The toxic life you live just won't last. So you keep fighting for a fix until your dead. This is misery. Waited and waited to catch you alone. Begging for mercy; splintering bones. Look in my eyes. Now what the fuck do you see? A life of pain and misery.
Track Name: Fatal Attraction
Nothing there. Feeling stripped. What is left? Emptiness. Cold sinks in. Freeze my soul. Born to die all alone. Just another fuckin loser. What's deserved has yet to come. You try to escape it. Nowhere to run. Why can't you see that what you're doing to yourself is fuckin killing me? Controlled by a substance fueling your actions. Too bad for you it was a fatal attraction. Freeze my soul.
Track Name: Rusted Over
Up against the ropes. Swinging for the fences. Your life is on the line. You will face the consequences. Fighting for the will to live. Dying for anything to give. Killing to take back what's mine. You're living off of borrowed time. I know your kind. You victimize yourself. I wont think twice, you can't feel what I've felt. Don't make your own path. Just another sheep. You wanna be the wolf. I know your fucking weak. I won't be your axe to grind. My hatred cannot be confined. Letting go is impossible when iron fists have rusted over. You'll pay for the fucking weight that you left on my shoulders.
Track Name: Insufferable
Beat down, stripped of everything we own. Cast aside left to survive with nothing but dirt and ash. Living in a world. Dying everyday. Media manipulation; societies decay. Controlled influence begins the decline. False ideals implanted poisoning your mind. Endless war. Unstoppable plague. Watch our generation fade away. Oceans run dry. No air left to breathe. Sun burns out. Skies black eternally. Insufferable reality. Death.